Friday, January 23, 2009

Assignment Zero

I enrolled in CVEN 665 to increase my knowledge of practical applications of systems theory and to further my knowledge of model development, evaluation and optimization. In addition to this course I an also enrolled in a course focused on conceptual model development and modeling system interactions. My hope is that while my other courses will further my understanding of how to develop the "big picture" of a systems model, this course will help me to understand the functions required to make models useful as predictive tools.

Critical Thinking:
To me critical thinking, or critical analysis, is the ability to deconstruct the individual pieces of a statement and to evaluate the each piece on its and in the context of the larger overall statement. This process allows for a more thorough analysis of the statement and can provide insights into the creators biases and intents. A good introductory book on the subject of critical analysis is
"The Art of Deception" by Nick Capaldi.

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